Visby and London

Last week I went to Visby, Sweden, to speak at Almedalen Week, a political event that involves a series of speeches and policy discussions on the island of Gotland. Although I couldn’t understand everything, since I don’t understand a word of Swedish, I was happy that my ideas got a good reception in the country where the Pirate Party emerged. Indeed, to judge by my admittedly limited conversations, it seems like Sweden is quickly getting over the idea that all content must be free.

I also did some interviews with Swedish media, which I wanted to post here. Dagens Nyheter, one of the major dailies, shot an interview with me that you can see here, and Swedish public television’s web site covered my book here. This one is in Swedish, so I haven’t read it myself.

On Friday I flew to London, where the great Ben Watt of Everything But The Girl interviewed me at an Association of Independent Music event – good fun, since I’m used to being on the other end of these conversations. I should have video of that in a few days, but there’s a decent description of it here.

Update: Here’s another piece about the book, in Sweden’s Journalisten.



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